2 Great Types of Gutters

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Type of Gutter

Your roof is your house’s biggest defense against the elements. The rains and snow can damage your roof, walkways, and exterior walls if they’re not channeled away properly. Your gutters also serve the same purpose. They channel water away from your home’s foundation and walls, keeping your home safe and sound. To get the best out of your duct system, you’ll want to know what type of drains you have, what the pros recommend, and their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the most common types of drains and their styles, along with the pros and cons of each.

Plain Type

This is the cheapest type of gutter. They’re usually made of metal that’s attached to your home’s foundation with either screw or by welding. Because plain drains are so affordable, they’re not advisable for most homes. They’re not as aesthetically pleasing and won’t last as long as other types. In some cases, the cheap metal might rust and leak, and there are a lot of holes and joints that allow debris to enter and cause clogging. You’ll also have to replace them more frequently to keep them in good condition.


This type of drain is often used in decks, patios, and other areas that aren’t even exposed to the elements. They have a metal drip system that’s held in place by a metal gutter clip, which screws into a metal panel that’s attached to your house’s foundation. This system is designed to keep drains in place, no matter how heavy the rain and snowfall.

When it comes to your home’s exterior, you want it to look its best, which is why it’s critical to choose the right gutters. Hernandez Gutters Of Memphis is the expert you can hire when it comes to installing gutters. We offer excellent services in Memphis, TN. Give us a call at (901) 203-0828 to know more about our services and book an appointment with us today!

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