3 Gutter Cleaning Tips From a Gutter Cleaning Service Provider

Perfect Summer Gutter Cleaning

What best way than to perform some summer cleaning as well? Various summer cleaning tasks need to be accomplished, including power washing, roofing fixes, chimney repairs, painting, and HVAC maintenance. One summer cleaning job to perform right away is gutter cleaning and gutter washing. Here are 3 gutter cleaning tips from a gutter cleaning service provider for a safe summer gutter cleaning task.

Gather all the needed tools

It’s essential to have all the necessary gear on hand while cleaning gutters so you aren’t constantly climbing up and down a ladder. A ladder to reach the roof, gloves to prevent being splintered or bitten by insects, a bucket to collect the leaves from the gutters (you could also throw them below, but then you would have to clean it up when you were back on land), and a spray nozzle and water hose to clean the gutters are all necessary tools.

Check if all the equipment is in working order

Check your water is on, the hose is not kinked, the spray nozzle is functional, the ladder is level and sturdy, and you have both gloves and they are in excellent condition before climbing onto the roof. This procedure will not only keep you safe, which is the most important component of cleaning, but it will also save you time.

Don’t clean gutters around power lines

If your home is surrounded by power lines and you have any doubt at all, please call a gutter cleaning company to come and unclog the gutters for you. Safety is the utmost priority, and you need to stay safe. If you are comfortable cleaning your gutters around the power lines, then make sure you are using a fiberglass ladder rather than aluminum, and first check to verify there is no fraying or damage to the protective sheath of the cable line. If the cable appears to have any damage, call the power company for repairs.

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