4 Gutter Repair and Maintenance Tips That You Can Do Alone

Taking on Smaller Fixes by Yourself

It only takes one heavy summer storm to remember how important it is to have properly aligned, unclogged, and leak-free gutters. But as a responsible homeowner and DIY extraordinaire, you’re ready to climb up that ladder and fix it yourself. Proper gutter maintenance and repair can save you a lot of money and hassle — between the average gutter replacement cost of $1,900 and any related water damage costs. Here are 4 gutter repair and maintenance tips for taking on the smaller fixes yourself.

Start With Safety

Before we send you up to your roof with a bucket and a toolbox, let’s talk about how to safely check out your gutters on a ladder. For example, leaning ladders directly on your gutters or on uneven ground can be a recipe for instability.

Investigate Regularly

Let’s start with the question on everyone’s minds: How often should you clean your gutters and inspect them for necessary repairs? In short, take a look once or twice a year depending on your local climate, the number of branches above your home, and the age of your gutters. The most popular time to clean your gutters — or call in the gutter cleaners — is early spring and late fall.

Use Sealant for Leaking Joints

Even seamless gutters typically separate into different sections throughout the downspout and other elbow transitions. If these seams crack or develop major rust, they likely require replacement. However, you can also purchase a water-resistant, flexible sealant to temporarily secure the broken joint. Gently squeeze the pipe at the joint of the connecting piece to release it.

Replace Worn Gutter Spikes

The traditional way to hang gutters for the past several decades involved sliding a long spike through a metal tube — called a ferrule — into the wooden fascia behind the gutter. As water damage and the weight of the gutters wear down, these spikes like to come out of their holes, causing gutters to sag and split.

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