Gutters – Maintenance Tips

Tips for Gutter Maintenance to Solve Common Problems

Being a homeowner comes with several responsibilities, such as renewing the paint, conducting repairs, and performing general upkeep. However, people often overlook their gutters, which is also an important maintenance job that is not much fun, but vital to the safety of your home. Clogs in the gutter system do much more than just misdirect water. All that rain runoff can pool near your foundation, which can result in leaks or damage. A gutter system that does not work as it should will eventually start to pull away from the roof, resulting in further damage. Below are some common problems you may encounter, plus how to keep your gutter system in good working condition.


What you will need: Wire brush, hose, gloves. These are all needed to clean your gutters twice each year, once in the spring and again in the fall. This will help to prevent the buildup of sticks, leaves, and other such debris. To clean the gutter system, first remove debris by hand, which is when your gloves come in handy. Then use your wire brush to loosen stubborn dirt and debris. Rinse with a hose to remove any remaining dirt and leaves.


What you will need: Sheet metal, metal snips, gutter caulk, roofing cement, and a large putty knife. If you have noticed a hole in your gutters, cut a piece of sheet metal that will fit over the hole. On the inside of the gutter, apply some roofing cement around the hole’s edges. Then gently bend the sheet metal and press it into roofing cement. Coat this with some cement and leave it to dry.

Rusty Spots

What you will need: A wire brush, putty knife, and roofing cement. Small or minor rust spots will often appear due to the elements. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to repair. Use your wire brush and thoroughly scrape off the rust. With your putty knife, apply a thin coat of roofing cement and leave it to cure.

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